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May can transform your hair from ordinary to feeling and looking silky and strong. Her hair expertise involves helping clients achieve a new look whether it is for glamour or medical reasons due to chemotherapy, genetics, alopecia, diet, age, or even damage due to overly processed hair.



Full Weave (two methods)  
  • 1. Sewn in with a braid for the majority of the hair except for a small portion from top, sides and the back area.
  • 2. For a full weave, braid all natural hair and sew track hair from nape area to top crown of the head
Partial Weave  
  • Sewn in hair weave reaching mid way to entire head and tracks lie between natural hair. The finished look is similar to a full weave.
Individual cornrow tracks  
  • Sewn in by braiding sections of the natural hair
Invisible weaving  
  • Sewn in onto natural hair without cornrows
  • strand by stand method used with keratin (protein) bonds

    May recommends and uses 100% Indian Remy hair to clients with overly or naturally wave patterns.

    (Payment required for purchasing hair prior to services rendered)
* Prices includes style and custom cutting. All Prices excludes hair *

Hair Color

Hair Color - Click on link to the Services page for more information regarding corrective coloring and color selection.


Come in for a free consultation with May at Hot Heads Hair Studio.

Consultations involve a full review and understanding of the client’s hair goals and history of their hair, selecting hair textures and styles and suggesting hair care for healthy hair maintenance. 

* Prices are subject to change without notice.
* May supplies hair pieces.
* For weaves: A $100. deposit is require to secure appointment when clients choose to supply their own hair.
* Deposits for services are required two weeks prior to schedule appointment.
* A full hair consultation is required before securing weave appointment.
* Prices include style and custom cutting.
* *For Master or Visa card users, there will be a surcharge of $5.00



1) Which kind of weave technique will look most natural and fitting for a client’s hair?

The condition of the client’s hair from its strongest to weakest areas best determines the correct weaving or fusion method. A weave and natural hair blend together more beautifully when some scalp or hairline shows.

The Corn Row Sewn In method is excellent for hair that has been damaged and needs rest from any heat styling.
The Invisible Weave method is a weave that lays flat and works best with healthy hair. The track hair is sewn in without a corn row to add length, bolder colors and fullness. Another alternative for adding length, thickness and colors is achieved through the Keratin Fusion bond method. To achieve the most natural hair looking additions, several methods can be combined.

May works with the client to select a weave suitable to their lifestyle.  For example, clients who exercise regularly should choose a texture/style/cut that needs little heat or manipulation.


2) What kind of weave hair is durable and how much hair is needed for a weave or fusion service?

May supplies and suggests clients to use 100% human hair or for waver hair patterns, 100% Indian Remy hair best matches the natural hair. The hair comes in several different patterns starting from Silky Straight to Deep French Waves. 100% Human Remy hair feels very light, flat and is comfortable to wear. All of the cuticles are intact and placed in the correct directions. The hair does not matt, tangle or dry out.  It has a natural shine with no artificial gloss. The hair is very secure to wear, lasts more than 3 months and can be shampooed over a 100 times. Indian Remy hair best blends with most texture hair and can be reused. However if it is not in your budget to purchase Indian Remy hair, your other alternative is to supply your own hair using 100% human hair. But some brands can not be reuse more then twice.Remember higher quality hair can help the longevity of your weave.

The texture should be one that compliments your complexion and facial features. May will help clients select hair that looks the way their own hair looks when straightened for a more natural appearance.

*For full weaves, 8 ounces of hair is needed and equals to 2 packs of hair.
*For a partial weave, 4 ounces of hair is needed and equals to 1 pack of hair.

May supplies 100% Remy Indian hair.
 * A full payment for hair purchases is required two weeks before the scheduled weave appointment.

For weaves: A $100. deposit is require to secure appointment when clients choose to supply their own hair.

3) How long will a Weave last?

 Hair Weaves:
The basics are important when it comes to the longevity of a good weave.  It is suggested that a weave stay in for no more than two months with regular weekly or biweekly shampoo and conditioning treatments. The textures hair from coarse to fine also determines the length of time a weave should stay in. For coarser hair, the braided hair is less likely to matt and tangle together as with finer textures, the curl patterns are closer together causing a greater chance for tangles. It is also necessary to get the weave tightened four to six weeks through the process. Keeping the weave in any longer can cause the hair to begin dreading with the braided hair under the weave. A strong foundation for a hair weave is needed to help it last longer but at the same time leaving room for hair growth. The hair is braided firmly but not too tightly. This method allows for less hair breakage and leaves room for hair to grow.

Rest assured that May keeps date records for all clients’ hair care services. 


4) How should a weave be styled?

In order to obtain a perfectly shaped weave; cut is a major factor.   Every weave needs to be shaped after considering the client’s head size and facial shape. Too much hair can look like a wig.  May uses the Razor or thinning method to take some of the weight out of the weave, making the weave appear more realistic.


5) What is the maintenance and products recommended for a weave?

Brush-through the hair daily in order to prevent tangling and matting. Oil-based products are not recommended on hair that has weaves.  A gentle cleansing product such as the 1st Lather Shampoo by Kera Care is a favorite choice as a cleansing shampoo. The 1st lather shampoo thoroughly washes out the impurities from the scalp and hair.  Mazani In-Leave Conditioner detangles the hair without weighing it down. A light silicone base shine product works wonders to add radiance. Use a paddle brush for weaves.

  • May encourages clients to detangle their hair daily. Natural hair sheds and if it becomes tangled in the braids, clients could experience unnecessary hair loss when the tracks are removed. 
  • If client wash their weave at home, make sure the hair dries properly after washing and conditioning. If not, the wet braided hair can promote mildew (not a healthy or pleasant smelling scalp condition). Invest in a good dryer.
  • Client needs to regularly schedule appointments for PROTEIN TREATMENTS before and after a weave to strengthen hair and to promote new growth.   Depending on the hair condition, treatments are available ranging from mild to extra strength.

 To begin your hair transformation, call May at Hot Heads Hair Studio,301-318-2166 to schedule a hair consultation.


**Hair products, brushes and styling tools are available for retail at HOT HEADS HAIR STUDIO**

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